Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting to know you (me)

Photo courtesy of Daytime Night Owl

Since I am new to this blogging thing, I thought it would be fun to write about some things that an outside person may not know about me. I always find it intriguing when bloggers post interesting facts about themselves. So here goes nothing.
  1. I comb my hair in the shower while the conditioner is in.
  2. My favorite colors are green and purple.
  3. My mother wanted to name me Lacy, but my dad didn’t like it. Even though my name is common, I prefer Jessica over Lacy any day.
  4. My favorite food would consist of most anything to do with potatoes, especially mashed and fried potatoes. Exceptions include french fries and potato chips. (It isn’t that I do not like them, but I do not have a great desire to consume them either.)
  5. My hair is, in fact, naturally curly.
  6. I am addicted to Mountain Dew.
  7. I have read 12 of 13 books in the Left Behind series. After the 13th, it’s on the prequels.
  8. Countries I have visited:
    a. Canada (I was young. I barely remember this.)
    b. England
    c. Scotland
    d. Mexico (Literally, drove into Juarez and turned around to come back just to say we crossed the border.)
  9. I moved a total of eight times (that I can recall) between fourth grade and my senior year of high school. This includes three different schools and a repeat of the first at the end. (Make sense?)
  10. I AM A NIGHT OWL! (Hence the blog title.)

What interesting tidbits can you tell about me yourself?

(On a side note, why does Blogger turn all of my numbered lists into flowery bullets? Even more weird is that they appear as numbers on Google Reader, but not on Blogger.)

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  1. I bet the flowers have something to do with your template. They kind of match the background.

    I think I knew all this about you except the moving thing. And maybe I didn't know you went to Mexico for .4 seconds.