Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day off to-do list

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a day off. The idea of taking a day off started with the fact that I have been holding on to a gift certificate for a massage since February and it was set to expire August 3. Since I had to travel back to the town I recently moved from for that, I decided to try to kill several birds with one stone. This made me realize that I may need to find places near my new home that provide these services. Ugh. What a chore that will be! For now, I'm content making an occasional return trip to the land left behind.

Yesterday's To-Do List:

  • Pick up package at Post Office - check

  • Hair appointment @ 10:00 a.m. - check

  • Shopping (use coupon) if time permits - time did not permit :(

  • Oil change and tire rotation - check

  • Ask sis's boyfriend about my brakes - check

  • Lunch with friend, time permitting - time did not permit :(

  • See mom - check

  • Massage appointment (1 hour) @ 2:00 p.m. - check

  • Chiropractor - check

  • Alltel store with My Friend - check

  • Drop old pants off at cousin's house for daughter - check

  • Meet mom and Grumpy Old Grandpa for sandwiches - time did not permit :(

Overall, I would say I had a very productive day. My hair turned out beautifully. I had several comments right after having it done. My massage was so relaxing (aside from my face going numb in the little face pillow thing). It was great to see mom even if it was a very brief visit. It was definitely a jam-packed day. Now, I think an uneventful, relaxing day home alone is in order.

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  1. Way to bee productive! I'm taking tomorrow off, but the only thing on my To Do List is "write paper." Its due on Monday and it's my last paper of grad school ever!