Friday, July 10, 2009

Get your juices going!

Photo courtesy karindalziel

Yesterday I started helping out in another department at work for a few hours in the early morning. One thing I love about working in this department is that they always, always have a stash of goodies. Today's goodies: Starburst! Oh how I love thee Starburst.

I grabbed a couple of pink Starburst (my fav) from the bag, went over to my station, sat down, and started to unwrap the luscious little strawberry candy. Suddenly, I was reminded of My Friend who has a unique way of consuming Starburst. Said Friend does not unwrap the Starburst. At all. Instead, he consumes the entire thing, wrapper and all, claiming that you cannot even taste the paper.

My Friend tried to coax me into trying it, but I just could not bring myself to eat the waxy paper. My thought is that it would ruin the whole thing. So what if you don’t taste that wrapper. What about the smooth, chewy, sticky texture? Seems to me that consuming wrapper and all would ruin the lovely consistency of the delicious fruit-flavored chew, don’t you think? In addition to ruining the whole flavor-bursting, mouth-watering bliss that goes on inside your mouth, one has to consider the fact that your body has to try to digest this foreign substance AND eventually get rid of it. (Gross. I know.) The thought makes me cringe.

Please tell me that this is a random phenomenon and that most people really do not do this.


  1. Umm, yeah, he shouldn't do that. Make sure you know the shortest route to the hospital whenever you hang out with him.

  2. Gross. Pretty sure he's gonna end up with a blockage and require surgery. Fair warning to your Friend.

    I love Starbursts though! Orange is my favorite.