Thursday, September 17, 2009


I admit that I am not a huge fan of television these days. My Friend seems to have several shows that he watches regularly so, when he's there, we watch a bit of tv together. As such, I've seen the majority of the episodes of America's Got Talent this season. I am uber excited that Kevin Skinner won the hearts of America and was given such an awesome opportunity. Such a humble man who appeared to work hard to make an honest living. I pray that fame and fortunate doesn't change that. I was ecstatic that he won. I was pulling for him from the minute he opened his mouth at the audition.

My Friend doesn't understand when I say this but I feel Mr. Skinner is my kind of people. A small town, country boy who is doing the best he can with what he has been given. Coming from a small town where country is a way of life, I felt connected him. Not literally, of course. But a sense of joy came over me to see a country boy representing others like him in such a remarkable way. I only wish that people would stop referring to him as "the chicken catcher". They laugh and mock him and it pisses me off. It may not be a true profession to some and those unfamiliar with farming in general look down and such a job and scoff at it. It’s an honest living and, as cliché as it is, someone has to do it.

I digress…

Kevin Skinner

CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve such a blessing in your life!

May you have all your heart desires and may you remain the humble man you started out as forever!

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