Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Wow! This last month has been ker-raiz-zee! Crazy! Not so much at home or in my personal life, but work has been nuts! But that’s really not what I want to talk about. Moving on…

Recently My Friend talked me into painting the apartment. I have tossed the idea around several times. I, however, am the kind of person who likes to do as little work as possible. The idea of painting now and then having to repaint when I move out sounds like a lot of freaking work to me. So, as much as I like the idea of painting, actually following through with it was never in the plan. Or my plan anyway. My Friend had other ideas.

Over the weekend, we hit Home Depot and started checking out paint. I picked out a couple of colors that I like, they mixed us up some samples and we took them home to try them out. I really liked the one color so My Friend and I agreed that we would start painting Sunday. I was in charge of painting the wall while he painted the shelves that he made for my unused closet (boy is he ever handy!).

Sunday I had a little bit of shopping to do so I ran out to Wally World and then hit Big Lots for some cheap curtains and a rod for my bedroom because the outside light shines in at night. When I returned home, to my surprise, My Friend had painted the whole wall already! I was so excited. I had to stop and stare at it for a little while.

Looking up the stairs (my new painted wall!!!) Painted wall (I love it!)

The next task, of course, is to add some kind of decorative gobbledy-gook which I am so not good at. So I started looking at pictures of stuff and I came across this (which is a staged apartment at my complex, believe it or not) and loved it:


I perused the furniture stores online looking for two little ottomans like that, but couldn't find them. I did find a bench that I liked at Art Van so My Friend and I headed there last night to take a look at it in person.


My Friend and I went in the store and asked the sales lady if we could look at this bench. She pulled it up on her little computer and said there weren't any on the showroom floor but that we could buy it, have them pull it from the warehouse, assemble it and, if we didn't like it, we could return it for a refund. This was a lot for me to take in. I am not accustom to spending large amounts of money, or what I consider large (anything over $50!). So, while My Friend and I contemplated this, we decided to look at the tables that we had cased once before.

And then we decided on this one and walked out with a table instead of a bench.

Someone want to explain to me how that works? LOL

Anyway, I am uber excited about all the painting and decorating and furnishing. It's a little scary, but it is wonderful to have someone in my life who wants to do that too. THAT is exciting!


  1. I love the table. You got the chairs too I assume? I love that bench too though. So great!

  2. Oh yeah. Chairs too! He picks it up tonight. I bet it will be assembled before I get home. :)