Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping Black Friday...or not

Black Friday is rapidly approaching and people will be waking up before they would normally, some may not even go to bed, in order to hit the shopping hot spots and claim the best deal on the item they are in search of. Me, on the other hand, I refuse to partake in such an event. I absolutely refuse to:

a) get up that stinking early
b) get up that early just to go shopping (I hate shopping)
c) fight hoards of rude people
d) be tortured by screaming children
e) put a huge amount of effort into tracking down a terrific deal only to find the shelf barren upon arrival
f) stand in horrific lines (and lines for everything)
g) chase my tail in a parking lot
h) get run over by a mob of insane people
i) watch as people hurt other people over THINGS (!!!)
j) participate in ramped spending on things I don’t need.

But really, there are tons of people are there who are braving the crowds. I say, you go for it. Me, I’ll stick with Cyber Monday. I spend less money (fewer “present to me” temptations) and I can maintain my sanity at the same time.

If you are a Black Friday shopper, here are two of the sites I like best for getting the scoop on the ads:


If you prefer Cyber Monday, check this out:

Happy shopping!

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