Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Neighborly Goodness

To my surprise, my doorbell rang Sunday evening. I couldn’t fathom who could be at my door because no one really comes to visit unexpectedly. I ran to the bedroom window to peer down at the unsuspecting visitor and, lo and behold, it was the neighbor lady. Not the same neighbor lady as my last encounter. No, this time, it was the 80 year old mother.

Great, I thought. Now what?

I tried to be positive. I really did. I went to the door with a smile, greeted her warmly and waited anxiously for her to state her objective. Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed as she made her request. She asked if My Friend could park elsewhere leaving this particular space open for her because she’s getting older and it is hard for her to get around and walk that far. And it wouldn’t be for long because they were planning on moving soon.

Now, this is a request that I would ordinarily be more than happy to oblige. Respect for my elders was something I learned a long time ago from my father. Even in this particular instance, I was willing to be open to the possibility of accommodating her request.

That was until I began to close the door and she said, “And not to be mean but we were here first, you know.” WHAT?!? My first thought was, Like mother, like daughter. Neither one of them knows how to be nice or is even slightly interested in being neighborly.

I closed the door and went back upstairs and posed her request to My Friend. He laughed. He felt the same as I. If they weren’t such callous people, would we be happy to be accommodating. The parking lot is an open lot for everyone. Even if My Friend didn’t park in this particular space (it is a crapshoot, really), someone else could and does. Moreover, we each have a parking space in the garage that isn’t 10 feet from their front door. If it is so hard for the 80 year old mother to get around, why isn’t the daughter letting her park in the garage? Umm, hello! I also wonder what this 80 year old woman who is apparently not able to get around well is doing driving in the first place.

Maybe My Friend and I are just as callous and maybe we should take the high road and accommodate the elderly woman’s request. If we did, would it matter? Would the neighbors be nice? Would they be appreciative? I doubt it.

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  1. I can't believe you're having so many silly issues with these people. I haven't heard a peep from my neighbors since we moved in - we all just kind of ignore each other (lovely I know).

    Hopefully they move out soon and nice people move in.