Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Last Time

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In the past few days, a number of chapters have closed in my life. Sunday I said a final goodbye to a boyfriend with whom I have had an on again/off again relationship with since I was 13 years old. I am now 30. That represents more than half of my life. Though I know that this is the right thing to do, and I have had extremely wonderful friends (thank you Shan) and family who have been supportive and encouraging, it was hard, nonetheless, closing that door.

Yesterday, I took my final drive from work to my old apartment. It was a familiar drive. It was nearly instinctive to leave work, turn left out of the drive and head south. It was an eerily familiar drive and I wondered if I might miss it at some point in the future. As I reached my destination, I dreaded the little bit of work I had left to do, but I was excited to finally be done with it. I packed up the rest of the cleaning supplies and garbage, rang my landlord’s doorbell, and relinquished the keys. I am neither sad nor happy about this. I am glad that it is finally over – the cleaning and packing bit anyway. Another door closed.

Today marks my boss’ final day. While I feel this transition will bring forth positive change, it is still a very sad occasion. I have been in this department for three years and nine months. I give credit for everything I have learned over the past nearly four years to my boss. She gave me the opportunity that I longed for after obtaining my BA in Accounting. She opened that door for me and, for that, I am ever so grateful. She has taught me so much about accounting, amongst other things. She believed in my when I didn’t believe in myself. She afforded me room to grow. She stood back and let it happen naturally. When I would get discouraged, she would encourage. She would say, “One day, you will have that ‘ah ha!’ moment and you’ll know.” And you know what? She was right. I am still having those “ah ha!” moments. Every time I have one of those “I get it!” moments, I will think of her. She was a good boss and I will miss her.

As the old adage goes, when one door closes, another shall open.

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