Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everything Always Happens at Once

Photo courtesy of House of Sims

Doesn’t it seem that way? That everything always seems to happen at the same time. Well, maybe not everything, but several things take place at the same time that all need your attention, your strength, your time, your know-how, your courage, etc . And, as it feels like the life is being sucked right out of you because you are doling out everything you have, the calm sets in and things return to some sort of normalcy. You, then, forget about the struggle that was and move forward.

Currently, I’m in the life is being sucked right out of you right now. Last night, I slept a whole three hours and forty minutes. Seriously. (A little background – I LOVE MY SLEEP! I don’t like my sleep messed with and I like to get plenty of it.) To begin with, I had trouble falling asleep. The last time I checked the clock, it was midnight. I awoke promptly at 3:40 a.m. After laying there for 10-15 minutes wide awake, I thought I would try a change of scenery and take my chances on the couch. I went out to the couch, laid there for an hour, and decided I try to go back to bed. About 5:20 I decided it was hopeless. I planned to get up at 6:30 and, if I fell asleep for that last hour, getting up would really suck and would be worse than just not getting the sleep I had hoped for.

“So, what exactly was the cause of this sleepless night?” you ask. Honestly, it could be any number of things, or all of them combined. For one, I’m moving. Again. (I moved mid-January.) Two, relationship issues. Three, major changes at work. Four, my counselor is no longer employed by my workplace’s Employee Assistance Program (or at all, from what I gather) and I need to talk to her, not some stranger! Five, money is going to get a little tight after this move. Six, there is a good possibility of taking on some overtime in the summer. That’s a good thing (extra $), but it can be quite stressful too.

I am sure that there is something missing in that list, but I think that is enough to keep a person’s head spinning AND to keep them awake for a majority of the night. Don’t you? It is definitely a balancing act. Hopefully, some semblance of normalcy (whatever that is) will return to my life in short order. Otherwise, I may need to crawl under a rock and hide for a little while.

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