Friday, July 23, 2010

Gee Willikers

Well gee willikers! It sure has been a while since I’ve written anything. I was afraid that might happen. I’m not a writer. I don’t even like to write. Putting coherent sentences together for other people to read and make sense of is a lot of work for me. When it comes to putting a lot of work into something, you can guarantee that I will be looking for something easier to do. That said, I’m still going to try to give this blogging thing a go. Even if it’s only to keep a few friends in the distant regions up-to-date on what is happening in life. As if it’s that interesting… Ha!

So what’s been happening? Well, I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico back in March (omg…I just wrote May and had to look at my calendar to make sure that was right and it so wasn’t. It’s been a long time.) I had a great time. I went with two other ladies that I barely knew then. There was a wee bit of drama, but I had a great time despite that.

Having fun dancing at Cabo Wabo!

The look
More Cabo Wabo fun!

Woo hoo
Dancing at El Squid Roe (every place has a pole to dance on there).

In the cage @ Cabo Wabo
Cabo Wabo


At Cabo Wabo...ha!
Um, Cabo Wabo =)

Mexican chickens
Mexican Chickens

View from room
View from the room

Whale watching

Since returning from Mexico, I had really been struggling with the whole Boy Left Behind issue as I said a while back.  I ended that post, I think, with the idea that I was dealing with it ok and moving forward. That was a lie. At the time, I may have been trying to convince myself that it was the truth, but it wasn’t. Truth be told, I actually had sent BLB a text while I was in Mexico. It wasn’t anything that I kicked myself for afterward. I said something like, “I’m in mexico and we girls were out on the town and I saw a couple tonight that reminded me of you and I when we were younger. The good old days. Just know I don’t expect you to respond. Just sayin. I hope you are doing well.” I won’t lie. I was intoxicated, but I also knew what I was doing. And it was the truth.

BLB is a great dancer and I used to love to dance with him. It was one my major attractions to him. The problem was, he loved to dance with all the women. At any rate, when we girls were out that night, I saw a young couple whose chemistry was very apparent as they danced together and held each other all night long. That was BLB and I back in our younger days. Oddly, or so I thought, BLB text me right back saying “Maybe you should warn them =).” The joke between us has always been that we are each in love with someone we will never be happy with or without. So that’s what I text back, “You’re funny. Warn them of what? Falling in love with someone they will never be happy with or without?” His reponse, “ Either/or!” And that was the end of the conversation.

For a really, really long time after returning from Mexico, I struggled with thoughts of him. I can’t even recall what my thoughts were now, but I was driving myself crazy. Add that to everything else that has been going on like, when I returned from Mexico, my step-mom had been moved over to my office due to structural reorganizing. I’ve been playing catch-up, or so it seems, at work since then as well. In April, I had the LASIK surgery. In May, I started picking up a few side jobs here and there and then started working voluntary overtime at work in June. During June, My Friend and I went to Cedar point with some of his family. I attended a bachelorette party in May then the wedding in June. That same weekend, I was supposed to attend another wedding and a baby shower, but, at this point, anxiety was really becoming prevalent and beginning dictate my life. I saw my doctor, but she wanted to wait to see if it got any better…which added to my anxiety. So, during the busiest and hardest months I’ve had in quite some time, I drudged forward. I was also faced with a tough decision about whether or not to move (I’ve already moved once a year for the past four years and this was not an easy decision for other reasons). I, then, had to pack, move, paint, clean, unpack and organize. Meanwhile, I was physically ill for about two weeks. Right as I was starting to feel settled in our new place, My Friend and I began house/dog/cat sitting for someone else. Let me just tell you, these creatures are nocturnal. They play cat and mouse (or dog and cat) all night long. I am a light sleeper. Can you imagine how the two do not go well together?

Whew! Gee willikers. I am exhausted! Maybe soon things will slow up a little and I can spend some more time writing about stuff. Maybe…

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