Friday, February 12, 2010

My birthday and The Snot Factory

My birthday was last week. Wednesday, February 3rd, I turned 31.

I don’t expect much from my birthday’s anymore. To go through the day and have someone acknowledge it is more than I could ask for. I received a number of emails and phone calls wishing me happy birthday and I love that. My Friend pulled together a nice birthday basket for me full of treats that I love.

My office peeps decorated my desk which is always hilarious.

Otherwise, my birthday was pretty tame because, well, I was sick. Very sick.

The Snot Factory decided to open shop on me. I visited one of my best girlfriends on Saturday. She thinks her son might have been the carrier of the little bug. Sunday, I felt very sluggish and really tired. Just not quite myself, but really thought I was just tired. I didn’t have a clue as to what was in store. By Monday, I felt like a big pile of dog doody. I left work early and stayed home Tuesday. Wednesday, I forced myself out of bed, still feeling like crap, and headed out to work. I felt a bit of obligation to go as I knew my officemates would have a delightful treat for my birthday celebration and they did. Finally, Thursday evening, I felt a bit of a break in the crud. By Saturday night, though, I was feeling pretty yucky again. Here it is, another week later, and I am still blowing my nose and I sound congested even though I feel much better in comparison to the last two weeks.

I hope this is the end of the Snot Factory. I know a number of folks have had the crud turn into bronchitis and I don’t need that. For the next 5-6 weeks, I am steering clear of everyone and becoming an extreme germaphobe. I wouldn’t want to ruin my next Great Vacation!

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